The Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program is designed to allow International Students the ability to gain a new friend who can show them around San Diego State and the surrounding areas. You also gain an international friend who can teach you about where they come from.

We hope that this will allow you to gain a more personal experience with someone with a different culture. Hopefully, you can learn from each other and potentially become great friends.

If you are interested, you can start the form below:

Asset 1asset-2.png

Important Information:
-For a chance to get a buddy before the semester starts, apply before August 11 at 5pm PST.
-Buddy Program sign ups close September 1 at 5pm PST.

*Not all buddies will fit your description. We will try our best to find your perfect fit, but we cannot change your buddy unless they will not respond to you.
*We cannot guarantee that you will receive a Buddy, but we will try our best.
*You do not need to be a Member of GAA to receive a buddy but our organization will provide many opportunities for getting together with your buddy. If you want to become a member, check out our Facebook (SDSU Global Aztec Alliance) or email us at